Hitting Techniques when Playing Billiards

Players use the term "English" to refer to the sidespin a cue ball achieves when it is hit to the left or right of the center. This changes the angle of deflection of the ball after it hits the rail. Applying English also changes the direction of the object ball when hit by the cue ball as also the cue ball's angle of travel.

The draw is a backward spin applied to the cue ball by hitting it underneath the center on the vertical axis, causing the cue ball's angle of departure to be narrowed after it is deflected off the object ball. It slows down the cue ball while giving the object ball a degree of follow. The Force Draw is a stronger draw in which the ball shoots back after hitting the object ball.

The Throw is achieved by hitting the cue ball at a sideways angle using the English, making it swerve away from the object ball on impact.

The Masse shot calls for special expertise on the part of the player as it imparts a high level of horizontal and vertical spin to the cue ball, making it curve sharply or move in a different direction without touching any other ball or the rail. This effect is achieved by a steeply angled cue.

A player hits the cue ball above its middle to drive it down into the table so that it rebounds from the surface and achieves the jump shot. This may not be permissible in some games.



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